"I do not have to worry about batteries running out and I have my hearing aid checked" Home Visit Client

"My son's confidence is starting to grow and he will talk if someone talks to him first. He is now growing into a normal teenager." Parents of a Deaf Child

"The meeting room available offered full access for disabled people, tea and coffee making was available, plus the bonus of free use of the car park." Room Hirer

"I would thoroughly recommend the West Norfolk Deaf Association to anyone seeking to hire a meeting room in the Kings Lynn area." Room Hirer

"We have found the staff always friendly and helpful and enjoyed the facilities, even more now with the refurbishments!" Room Hirer

"I am proud to be part of an organisation that is really making a difference to people with a hearing loss." Hearing Support Volunteer

"The Breakout Club has enabled the girls to experience a wide range of activities they would otherwise not have had the opportunity to do." Parents of a Deaf Child

"After more than five years of having the aid in a box and refusing to use it - you've cracked it!! She wore it all afternoon and kept telling me how wonderful it was to be able to hear again" Hearing Support Client

"Considering this service is voluntary it is an excellent service and I do not know what I would do without it!" Hearing Support Client

"Working as a Hearing Support Volunteer is a rewarding experience. I'm able to meet new people and support them to use their hearing aids effectively." Hearing Support Volunteer

"I am 93 years old and am almost housebound and would like to say what a wonderful service the West Norfolk Deaf Association provides." Hearing Support Client

"You could not have been more helpful in trying to resolve my problem." Hearing Support Client

"There is little in life that gives me more pleasure than to hear the words "thank you" and to gaze on the smiling face from whence it came." Hearing Support Volunteer

"I did not realise that your service was provided by volunteers. The lady who renewed my hearing aid tube was very professional" GP Surgery Clinics Client

"Whether it is the audio department at QE hospital or the drop-in centre in Kings Lynn – all have been first rate" Deaf Centre 'Drop-In' Client

"Just keep your splendid service up" GP Surgery Clinics Client

"I have found the service excellent. I really cannot think of anything you could do to improve it" GP Surgery Clinics Client

"The girls at Railway Road were very helpful when my daughter took my hearing aids in to be mended" Deaf Centre 'Drop-In' Client

"The Deaf Centre Kings Lynn is amazing and extremely supportive" Deaf Centre 'Drop-In' Client

"I think [the advisor] who comes every few weeks is so very helpful regarding my hearing aid. Cheerful with a smile always" Home Visit Client

"I like the personal service and the kindness and help given and I do appreciate it" Home Visit Client

"I like the support advisor who calls round to see me regularly on a given date as I am unable to get out now" Home Visit Client

"The children really enjoy the space and it is always clean and tidy" Room Hirer

"An excellent service appreciated by all residents" Residential Home Client

"We work effectively together in partnership to make our residents with hearing aids feel confident about their independence" Residential Home Client

"Fantastic Service! The support workers are patient and listen kindly" Residential Home Client

"The volunteer's visits are looked forward to by the residents who receive a personal individual advice service." Residential Home Client

"The feedback has always been positive from the residents who visit her" Residential Home Client

"The Room is always clean and tidy, staff are always really friendly and helpful" Room Hirer

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Speech MarkFantastic Service! The support workers are patient and listen kindlySpeech Mark

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