Hearing Support

Do you wear an NHS hearing aid?

The Hearing Support Service provides thorough aftercare services to those with NHS hearing aids. We can:

  • Explain how hearing aids work and how they should be looked after
  • Help to explain the instructions people receive from the hospital
  • Assist with the process of learning to fit the ear mould in the ear correctly
  • Supply replacement batteries
  • Replace faulty or old tubing
  • Check the hearing aid and ear mould
  • Repair breakages and provide spares for hearing aid parts such as elbows
  • Diagnose faults and carry out repairs where possible
  • Provide information on assistive equipment for people with hearing impairment
  • Provide empathy and offer support and a listening ear

If you are interested in volunteering please click here to find out more.Hearing Support Volunteering.

Hearing Support at The Deaf CentreHearing Support at The Deaf Centre

The Deaf Centre is open Monday to Friday from 9.30am to 1.30pm, no appointment is necessary. Find out more »

Hearing Support at The Book Shop    Hearing Support in the Book Shop

    The Book Shop is open Monday to Saturday for Hearing Support
     from 9.30am to 4.00pm. No appointment necessary.  

Hearing Support In Your HomeHearing Support In Your Home

Our volunteers visit hearing impaired people in their own homes to offer help and support. Find out more »

Hearing Support in Residential HomesHearing Support in Residential Homes

Our volunteers visit hearing impaired people in residential and sheltered living accommodation. Find out more »

Hearing Support at Doctors SurgeriesHearing Support at Doctors Surgeries

Our volunteers visit local Doctors Surgeries and Health Centres on a monthly basis. Find out more »

BecomeBecome a Hearing Support Volunteer

Volunteers Needed! West Norfolk Hearing Support Volunteers are able to provide practical and emotional support for people who wear NHS hearing aids. Find out more »

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