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Supporting Deaf people and those with acquired hearing difficulties to live independent lives

Hearing Support at The Deaf Centre

Our extensive range of Hearing Support services are available across our two sites, in King's Lynn and Downham Market, as well as in the community and at residential homes.
All services are designed to provide the most effective assistance to people of all ages and all levels of hearing loss.

WNDA-Hearing support - Volunteer showing service user how best to care for hearing aids

Hearing Support Services


Hearing Aid Maintenance

Hearing Support - Our staff member Sarah adjusting the hearing aids of a service user

This service is available at our sites in King's Lynn and Downham Market, and is free of charge to NHS hearing aid users​​

We can:

  • Provide advice, guidance & demonstrations on best-use

  • Supply & fit replacement batteries

  • Replace faulty or old tubing

  • Clean the hearing aid and ear mould

  • Diagnose faults and repair where possible

This is a drop-in service, although appointments can be requested

Ear Wax Removal

WNDA-Clinics - Ear wax removal by tympanic syringing

Ear wax can build up for a variety of reasons, and can effect your hearing, worsen tinnitus symptoms, and cause discomfort.

Our specialist, purpose-built Ear Care Clinic and highly qualified & experienced audiologists can help:

  • Assess individual needs & provide tailored solutions

  • Examine the ears using state-of-the-art video otoscopy

  • Remove built-up ear wax using a variety of techniques

  • Provide advice to avoid repeat issues

Audiology Services

Ear wax removal_edited.png

Our new Audiology service is designed to provide you with the highest level of care possible. We offer comprehensive services and customised solutions

Our highly qualified and experienced audiologists can provide:

  • Hearing Tests & screenings

  • Specialist assessments & referrals

  • Hearing Aid Fitting

  • Auditory Disorder Assessments

  • Ear wax removal

  • Assess balance disorders

  • And more...

Hearing Protection

WNDA-Hearing clinics - Image of woman having specialist ear mould taken

Our ears are complex, delicate structures which are susceptible to a wide variety of issues.

Hearing loss, tinnitus or

discomfort are often symptoms of

noise exposure from activities such as workplaces, shooting, riding motorcycles, wearing headphones to listen to music or play videogames.

At WNDA we can provide specialist equipment to protect your hearing from future damage.

Such as:

  • Custom-made noise cancelling ear moulds, for both personal and industrial use

  • Personalised ear protection suitable for swimming


CHAT club.png

We have a variety of therapeutic solutions to assist those with hearing loss live independent and fulfilling lives. Our Hearing Support team can advise you of the best solutions to fit you & your needs.

Workshops & Courses:

  • Award-winning Tinnitus support group

  • Lipreading course

  • Deaf awareness training

  • British Sign Language courses

Social groups & activities:

  • C.H.A.T clubs - Suitable for all hearing aid users of all ages

  • Deaf Coffee Morning Group - Suitable for BSL users

  • Breakout Club - Suitable for Deaf children and their families

Specialist Support

WNDA-Hearing loss information sheet

Living with hearing loss can be isolating, and can lead to depression and/or emotional distress.

At WNDA we operate an open door policy for our hearing support & advocacy services. Our team of experienced staff are on-hand to provide advice, support, and are always happy to lend a supportive shoulder or listening ear.

We can also provide sign-posting services, and can help you locate any specialist services required. We can also assist with writing referrals & forms to ensure you are receiving the best, most effective care for your needs.

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