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Supporting Deaf people and those with acquired hearing difficulties to live independent lives

Become a member

£5 might not sound a lot, but together we can help our charity to keep helping Deaf people and those with acquired hearing loss

By becoming a member of WNDA you not only support our invaluable efforts within the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community, you also gain the ability to have a direct say in how we carry out our charitable works.

For just £5 per year, you are invited to our Annual General Meetings with charity trustees and other vital stakeholders, where you can share your views and ideas on how to grow our offering to those most in need.

As well as this, you will receive exclusive newsletters, keeping you abreast of all that we are doing and plan to do within our community.

It's the perfect way to have an active role in supporting our vital works.

Become a member

Support us and become a member of WNDA for only £5 per year

Thank you for your support!

** Please note, the deadline to sign up in order to attend our next AGM, taking place in October 2023, was 31st August 2023.

Any membership requests received after this date will be invited to the following AGM, the date of which will be confirmed by direct email.

Should you have any feedback that you would like to be presented at our next AGM taking place in October but did not become a member by the deadline of 31st August 2023 please feel free to email us at

WNDA-Volunteer dishing out cakes & coffees at one of our social groups
Illustrative image showing 2 of our service users enjoying one of the events we put on to celebrate the Jubilee
Deaf Group Coffee Morning - Group shot image
Sarah with Customer Care Award - Mayor's Business Awards 2022
Deaf Group Coffee Morning - Enjoying activities

As an independent charity WNDA rely solely on the generosity of our loyal supporters. The much-needed services, activities, events, and support we provide our service users are only possible due to the efforts of those wonderful people who give up their time, energy & money to help those in need.

With government grants being more difficult to achieve, and Government funding being cut more and more, it is vital that we find innovative and effective solutions to ensure we can continue providing the much-needed services we offer. Our trustees and employees go above and beyond to ensure we reach as many people in as many ways as possible, but your assistance could help us extend our services in more inventive ways.

By becoming a member of WNDA you can have an active role in helping us grow our charity and provide assistance to all those affected by hearing loss.

Any and all help in any form is always greatly appreciated. From donations, to fundraising efforts, to volunteering, anything you can do to help is always gratefully received.

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