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Supporting Deaf people and those with acquired hearing difficulties to live independent lives

In the U.K, 1 in 5 adults have hearing loss, with this number increasing to 1 in 4 adults by 2035. It is also estimated that there are currently at least 50,000 Deaf children in the U.K.

Living with hearing loss has been proven to lead to depression, feelings of isolation and emotional distress. It is also believed to increase the risk of dementia by up to five times.

Despite all this, the support available to those with hearing loss is limited, underfunded and often times inaccessible. Less than 1% of the total public and charity investment in medical research was spent on hearing loss, this is just 83p per person affected.

As such, we rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters. Many of the services we provide are funded by donations and are run by our dedicated volunteers. Without their kindness and generosity we would not be able to support our community and provide many of our invaluable services.

All support, in any form, is greatly appreciated

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