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Supporting Deaf people and those with acquired hearing difficulties to live independent lives

Continue to make a difference to the Deaf community and those with acquired hearing loss by leaving a legacy donation in your will.

WNDA provides support, advice, guidance and companionship to thousands of Deaf people and those with acquired hearing loss throughout West Norfolk. The work we do is only possible through generous donations from our supporters. By leaving a legacy donation in your will you can continue to help us be there for our community.

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What is a legacy donation?

A legacy donation is a donation made to a charity in a persons will. This means that when a person passes a specified portion of their estate is given to their nominated charity by the executor.

It is essential that someone considering leaving a legacy donation seeks independent legal advice, to ensure any decisions made are right for the donor as well as their family and friends who may be affected by the donation.

There are a few different types of legacy donation, as detailed below, however all kinds must be stipulated in an official will.

Pecuniary Gift

A pecuniary donation is a donation that is a specified, fixed amount.

For example: "I wish to leave the sum of £500 to WNDA for its charitable purposes"

Residuary Gift

A residuary gift is a donation of a percentage of an estate, usually calculated once all other beneficiaries have been resolved.

For example: "I wish to donate 25% of my estate to WNDA"

Specific Gift

Donate a specific item in a will, such as property or a collection of books. It's important to describe the item to be donated to avoid any confusion.

For example: "I wish to donate my 1st edition Roald Dahl books"

However you choose to support WNDA with a gift in your will, you can be assured that your gift will be greatly appreciated, and will contribute to supporting Deaf and hard of hearing people across West Norfolk.

How do I make a legacy donation?

We understand and appreciate that this is a sensitive subject, and is a very important decision to make. Therefore it is important you discuss this with anyone who may be affected, such as your family members & friends, before making any final decisions.

It is also important you seek independent, professional legal advice - Any legacy donation needs to be stipulated in a legally-binding will and therefore it is essential that legal advice is sought to ensure that all legal requirements have been fulfilled. A solicitor can also ensure any decisions you make are in the best interest of yourself as well as anyone else who may be affected by your decision.

Image of solicitor and client writing documents

You are free to employ any solicitor you desire to carry out your wishes. It is important you are comfortable with the decision you make, and therefore it's important you seek the right legal advice for you.

You can find a list of local solicitors specialising in will writing via a search engine, or you can follow this link...

What details do I need to make a legacy donation to WNDA?

To include WNDA in your will, please include the details below:

  • Registered Charity Number - 1064118

  • Address - 32b Railway Road, King's Lynn, Norfolk, PE30 1NF

Other resources

Independent information and advice can be found through the following resources:

Fundraising Regulator logo
Citizens Advice Bureau logo
Gov UK Logo

Any donation you make to WNDA in your will is greatly appreciated, and will help us to continue to support the Deaf community and those with acquired hearing loss throughout West Norfolk.

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